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NewRelic + HHVM: Automatic Segments

Posted by Jared Kipe on

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I've been messing around with building a HHVM extension using NewRelics AgentSDK that will allow for segmenting database and external calls. This is a brief summary of the things I've learned about overriding HHVM's core functionality to hook in NewRelic segments.

Coding with Kaylie: CSS Craziness

Posted by Kaylie on

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I decided it was time to tackle another front-end project. I planned it out, thought it through, and jumped right in! Only one problem: It, ummmm, wasn't doing what I wanted it to. What did I want it to do, exactly? You know, just a simple responsive two-column layout that has containers with a rounded border and 60% white background with text, 40% background with a vibrant color and an image.

Ubuntu KVM 3: Virsh Console Fix

Posted by Jared Kipe on

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You may find that immediately after installing your guest, you cannot connect to the guest via `virsh console`. Follow along as I add a serial console, designate it for use by grub, and add it to the guest's configuration file for virsh to use.

Your First C Program

Posted by Jared Kipe on | 1 Comments

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Practically, all modern languages descend from C, and thus use most of C's principles and basic structures. C is a perfect place to start learning about basic programming. C can be a launching platform for both more advanced C (like embedded operating systems), or, more likely, object oriented languages like C++ and Objective-C.

Maximum Width Text

Posted by Jared Kipe on

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Ever come across an element where you wished that an automatically wrapping element, like an h1, would automatically change its font-size property to accommodate a certain width? I've got some CSS and Javascript for you.

Understanding Binary: Hexadecimal

Posted by Jared Kipe on

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Topically, hexadecimal is extremely useful for programmers to understand, and makes binary in general quite a bit easier to work with and represent both in code and out.