Triangle Tutor


Triangle Tutor is...

First and foremost a learning tool. Triangle Tutor, or TT, can generate random triangles and sides like no other program. Think of them like snowflakes, each one is similar but different.

For every triangle TT makes, it bangs out a suitable problem or question about that triangle.

There are three difficulty settings that generate certain types of triangles. For example, on the easiest setting you won't get any Law of Cosines problems.

Triangle Tutor includes the full version of Right Triangle Tutor as a secondary mode.

Triangle Tutor lets you learn trigonometry from the ground up, or jump into more advanced Law of Sines and Law of Cosines problems!




TT's calculator and hints make even complicated problems easy to follow.

Lets walk through a typical problem.

This is an advanced problem that wants you to solve for the angle indicated by blue question marks.


However, to get there you will first have to solve for the yellow x angle.


Triangle Tutor knows this and will keep track of your progress. Let's see how...


Let us pretend you don't know how to solve this particular problem. Pressing the Hint button at the bottom of the screen slides up the hint paper. This will have a diagram about the current triangle, and some algebra on how to solve for the ?? or x.

Note that the hint may not look exactly like the triangle above it. You are required to gleam which side and angle is which.


Pressing the bottom calculator button slides up the built in calculator. This calculator solves equations using the standard order of operations so that you can skip a lot of intermediate steps.

Here are some valid inputs:




Ok, so that last one is unlikely to come up, but it would still calculate fine. If something goes wrong in the calculation, such as you don't have all the ( balanced with ) symbols, or you try to calculate asin of a number larger than 1, the calculator will give an error so you can check your calculation.

Intermediate Steps

If you did the math for a yellow x correctly, Triangle Tutor will automatically display that unknown on the triangle in green.

Bring back up the hint and press anywhere on the hint to go to the next hint page.

The second step in the hint uses the unknown we just displayed in green. So bring back up the calculator to solve for the ??.

One last thing you should know is that solving an intermediate step DOES increment your Right: count as evidence in the top right hand corner.


Presuming you did the calculation correctly, you can now press the Calculator button again to hide the built in calculator. The calculation itself stays on the problem so you can choose your answer from the four possibilities.

Note that sometimes you have to round a little bit. Sometimes your answer will be exactly correct.


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-Jared Kipe