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Jared Kipe


My name is Jared and I'm a software developer.

Does that sound like a confession? Sure it does. But it's really more of a statement. That's what I do and it's who I am; I take pride in developing software that truly furthers the goals of a company. Not sure what your goals are or if the road you want to start down will actually get you there? I can help with that, too!

I take a company's goals and break them down into their major components:

  • What are they wanting to achieve?
  • What do they think will help them achieve it?
  • Given what they've requested, can I make a logical path from the work that is needed to the goals?
  • If not, what can we do to either expand the scope of the project to make it more feasible to reach the goals or how can we simplify the project to decrease needed resources but still have a positive outcome for the business?

As a CEO, or any other person highly invested in a company, it can be difficult to make unbiased assumptions or remove yourself from current processes to see different, but equally streamlining or profitable, outcomes. I'm not a Vulcan, but logic is my strong suit and it definitely has its place in both the business world and in code.

I don't just develop for a living, though. I also do this stuff for fun. I've developed education-based iPhone apps, personal websites, and exclusive web-based functionality in my free time. If you're someone looking to employ me, this means I know my way around the coding world. If you're someone looking to chat with me about the intricacies of setting up a CDN, it means we can have an awesome conversation.

And it's not just software development that strikes my fancy, either. Long distance network bridging? Yep. Increasing company and departmental efficiency through various small projects? Of course. Managing a large network of users, all with their own needs and permissions? Right up my alley. There are probably 50 other things I like to do as well, but I won't list all of them (for your sake as much as for mine). Suffice it to say, if it's a project related to technology, I probably enjoy taking it on.

On a personal level, I'm married to a pretty awesome internet marketer and we spend time gaming together, trying new curry recipes, and sleeping (she really loves her sleep).

If you need some support help, want to contact me about a commissioned project, or just want to drop me a line, just fill this form out and I'll get back to you shortly.