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SilverStripe on HHVM: Part Three

Posted by Jared Kipe on | 1 Comments

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SilverStripe is a (relatively) lean framework, but that doesn't mean it cannot benefit from HHVM's performance gains over Zend PHP. I also ran some tests on a hobbled down SilverStripe to see what kind of performance gains other, not so lean, frameworks might hope to achieve.

SilverStripe on HHVM: Part Two

Posted by Jared Kipe on

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Magic Method __get() and Zend PHP (with Video)

The SilverStripe object hierarchy makes extensive use of PHP's __get() magic method. So much so that you probably cannot edit an article on HHVM right now. Unfortunately, currently this means you will need to edit and re-compile the HHVM source before it will get any better.